Council of Ontario Universities

We’re always excited when an organization like the Council of Ontario Universities reaches out with an important message to share with consumers. Together we produced a trio of branded testimonial videos aptly titled “What Ontarians Want”. Take a look.

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The Challenge

How do we reach policymakers to stand up for Ontario universities and the future of post-secondary education?

Our Solution

With a crucial message for Ontario’s future, we built our creative direction for a distraction-less viewing experience. We painted the picture of a bright future with a minimalistic set design and pops of subtle colour – putting real Ontarians front and centre to share their hopes and dreams for the province’s future. 

The result? A 90-second brand video and three 30-second social ads to help viewers explore their personal vision for a better Ontario. 

Project Breakdown

COU took a vested interest in the production and collaborated with our team along the way. Here are the video services we provided for this project.

1Concept Ideation

Once we created the campaign video’s concept and the client approved, we moved forward with the storyboard design to break down each frame, one by one.


This video required real people to tell real stories, so we put out a casting call for Ontarians to participate and share.

3Professional Crew & Talent

We put together a film crew to capture the audio and video of these intimate interviews, including a Producer, Director of Photography, Key Grip, Gaffer, Camera Assistant, Sound Recordist, Hair & Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Stylist, and Production Assistant.

4Production Equipment

We set up two 4K cinema cameras, lighting and grip equipment, sound equipment, and backdrops to create an interview-style video with a professional, polished feel.

5Video Editing

Our Senior Editor worked through the raw footage, cutting the best shots into compelling videos that achieved our client’s big goal. The Ontarians we worked with made our job easy – they were likeable, professional, and ready to vulnerably share their stories.

6Motion Graphics & Text

We inserted some motion graphic text to open the video and help the audience understand its intent within the first 5 seconds. A quick intro can help social media users quickly gain interest so they stop scrolling to watch the video.

7Music Licensing

We needed some simple, background music to infuse the video with a feeling of hope that paired perfectly with the positive message. We properly license all music and sound effects used in our productions to ensure our clients own 100% of their video, legally free and clear.

8Sound Design & Mixing

Audio matters just as much as killer visuals. Our expert Sound Editor finds the perfect blend, so the underlying soundscapes don’t compete with the dialogue.


Take a look at the most common production questions we receive and learn more about our services.

1What’s the purpose of a testimonial video?

Testimonial videos are a great option, building business credibility through the unscripted opinions of real people. Testimonials put a face to your business that people connect with and remember. In this example, the testimonial video helped the business communicate its value while pushing its altruistic goals forward, too.

2Are “talking head” interview videos effective?

Interview-style videos are a classic for a reason – their simplicity makes them highly effective on a minimal budget. We use subject matter experts to guide the story of your brand, product, or event. Talking heads can be as simple as an interviewee in front of the camera, or include custom B-roll to cut between interviews.

3Will social ads help my business?

With 4.62 billion social media users in 2022, businesses that aren’t using the platforms to market themselves are falling behind. Social platforms give businesses access to rich customer segmentation data and the freedom to reach consumers. 93% of businesses gained new customers directly from a video posted on social media. Let’s chat about what we can do for you.

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